Inglese 23 Settembre 2016

Telemedicine in France, the FHF : «Practice in development but we need more funding»

Patients better diagnosed before going to the hospital and better assisted after having come back  home. The telemedicine means all this. For this reason it is developing more and more in France, after having been experimented in different ways. A few days from the presentation (23 September) of the 2017 Social Security Financing Bills by […]

Inglese 19 Settembre 2016

Burn-out, a serious problem in France: «A dangerous and underestimated illness, we need more information»

«Emotional stress and disinterest are dangerous as extra workload and they have to be officially recognised as symptoms of a real illness». Philippe Zawieja, researcher of the Research Centre of risks and crisis of the École nationale supérieure des mines of Paris,  interrogated by French deputies, explains that the burn-out, a syndrome characterized by exhaustion, […]

Inglese 12 Settembre 2016

«Stop diagnosing Trump and Clinton’s health». But Ms. Clinton is unwell

«It’s Ethically despicable to diagnose presidential candidates or anyone else without any exam before». It has been affirmed by doctor Art Caplan from the NYU Langone Medical Center’s Division of Medical Ethics who, because of the political season, denounces physicians and psychologists who diagnose the candidates running for the next American president elections, Donald Trump […]

Inglese 6 Settembre 2016

The hospitalists complain: «No one respects us»

“We are not intern”. In the United States the hospitalists have complained publically about the fact that they are not respected by colleagues and patients. The “Today’s Hospitalist” survey shows that 70% of the respondents said they felt not respected by the non-hospitalists: «In essence, we’ve become the secretaries to other services – complains Amir […]

Inglese 24 Agosto 2016

Physicians and burnout: a course to defend themselves

There’s nothing black and white in burnout, and there is no permanent solution, Dike Drummond says, a family physician and a burnout prevention American expert. Burnout is a psychological stress that affect many physicians oppressed by unbearable working hours and  by the responsibility of such a delicate work. Hundreds of physicians affected by burnout are […]

Inglese 8 Agosto 2016

Apple to encourage organ donation with an iPhone App

Donating organs, tissues and eye with a simple tap on your iPhone. It will soon be possible thanks to the collaboration between Apple and Donate Life America, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public and advocating for organ donation.  Following the update of the operating system to iOS 10, an option will allow Apple […]

Inglese 2 Agosto 2016

Zika still frighten: “First case of unknown transmission”

Another case of Zika infection but this time the virus has not been contracted through a mosquito bite or sexual contact. The doctors have no idea how the infected patient from Utah has contracted the virus. He helped care for an older man from Salt Lake County who had become infected with the virus after traveling […]

Inglese 19 Luglio 2016

Carbon emissions, 23 thousand people dead in a year in Europe. 1300 in the UK

The premature deaths in Europe caused by the carbon emissions amount to 22900. An unexpected figure if we consider that the road accidents cause 3 thousands more. The figure refers to the year 2013 and it is shown by the first research on cross-border effects of the pollution originated from the carbon energy production. The […]

Inglese 12 Luglio 2016

Fighting the Zika virus in the U.S. by using… bats

As there is no vaccine against the Zika Virus, new natural methods are assessed. The bats are the new welcome guests, able to devour 1000 mosquitoes per hour, that are the main cause of the spread of the virus. The town North Hempstead, New York, has decided to attract as many bats as possible in […]

Inglese 5 Luglio 2016

“Brexit”, multicultural medical équipe photo becomes viral

Few days after the referendum on GB’s permanence in EU, a picture uploaded by medical personnel of the Homerton University Hospital of London becomes viral on social media from all over the world. The photo depicts a surgical équipe composed by three Spanish nurses, a German anesthesiologist, a Greek urologist, an Irish radiology technician and […]

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Covid-19 e vaccini: i numeri in Italia e nel mondo

Al 26 novembre, sono 260.208.307 i casi di Covid-19 in tutto il mondo e 5.185.296 i decessi. Ad oggi, oltre 7,54 miliardi di dosi di vaccino sono state somministrate nel mondo. Mappa elaborata dalla&n...

Proroga ECM in scadenza, De Pascale (Co.Ge.A.P.S.): «Inviate agli Ordini posizioni formative degli iscritti»

Il presidente del Consorzio Gestione Anagrafica Professioni Sanitarie a Sanità Informazione: «Pronti ad affrontare fine proroga, poi Ordini valuteranno che azioni intraprendere con inadem...

Covid-19, tre categorie per 10 potenziali terapie contro il virus

La Commissione Europea sta definendo una rosa di 10 potenziali terapie per il Covid-19. Come agiscono questi farmaci? Quando è possibile somministrali? A chi? Risponde, a Sanità Informaz...
di Isabella Faggiano