Inglese 8 giugno 2016

Towards an “universal” vaccine against the cancer

A team of German researchers has used some nanoparticles containing RNA of tumour cells, capable to stimulate an immunity answer that tackle the tumour cells themselves, by achieving encouraging results. This progress can be a starting point for “a new class of universal applicable vaccines for the immunotherapy against the cancer”. This is the conclusion […]

Inglese 19 luglio 2016

Carbon emissions, 23 thousand people dead in a year in Europe. 1300 in the UK

The premature deaths in Europe caused by the carbon emissions amount to 22900. An unexpected figure if we consider that the road accidents cause 3 thousands more. The figure refers to the year 2013 and it is shown by the first research on cross-border effects of the pollution originated from the carbon energy production. The […]

Inglese 18 maggio 2016

Diabetes emergency: 422 million sufferers

WHO launched a real alarm on emergency diabetes: the disease of the rich world, caused by a metabolic disorder that leads high concentration of sugars in the blood and severe complications (that sometimes end up with fatal outcomes), has now assumed the proportions of an epidemic. In its first comprehensive report on the disease WHO […]

Inglese 31 ottobre 2016

Continuing medical education, in France the physician teaches…the physician

A new platform to educate and share physicians’ expertise. MedTandem has been proposed in France by Elodie Baer and Lucie Beylacq, two anesthetists from Bordeaux, and it allows doctors to meet in order to accelerate teaching and learning traditional methods, without being obliged to join educational events. The initiative, exposed for the first time in […]

Inglese 6 dicembre 2016

Lung cancer: women mortality increases in Europe

The lung cancer is responsible for the huge number of deaths in France. It is mostly linked to the tobacco addiction and it is the most dangerous for men and the second one for women, with respectively 21000 and 9500 deaths. However, the Eurostat highlights a fall of death rate for men and an increase […]

Inglese 29 novembre 2016

Presidential primary in France: the health according to Fillon

François Fillon won the presidential primary of the Centre and Right wing and he is candidate to 2017 presidential elections. With 66.5 % of the votes, he won the second round against Alain Juppé. During the electoral campaign, Fillon has explained his health political plan. Fillon would like to reform the financing of the treatment […]

Inglese 22 novembre 2016

Zika: no longer a global health emergency

«The Zika virus and related neurological complications in newborn children no longer constitute an international emergency». It has been declared by the doctor David Heymann, the president of the WHO emergency committee on Zika. Since 2015, the virus has been spread by mosquitoes and through sex in 73 countries and 23 of them have observed many […]

Inglese 15 novembre 2016

Lung cancer, the treatment for the Americans is in Cuba

A therapeutic vaccine existing only in Cuba. It is where the retired gynecologist, Zuby Malik, decided to go to treat herself since she could not take advantage anymore of the treatments available in the US for her lung cancer. After her, other cancer patients are following the same unlikely trail, sometimes not even telling their […]

Inglese 8 novembre 2016

Brexit: access to new medicines at risk

The United Kingdom could see patients unable to access modern medicines if the “hard Brexit” will be applied, the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU. It has been warned by the report for think tank Public Policy Projects. “Hard” Brexit could see Britain pushed to the back of the queue for new drugs because […]

Inglese 25 ottobre 2016

American election and healthcare: Trump against Clinton, discussing about Obamacare destiny

How the election of the new President of the United States will have impact on American healthcare? Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have made their proposals for the healthcare and both will overcome the Obamacare, the health assurance created by Barack Obama in 2010. Clinton says that she wants to expand insurance coverage while improving […]

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ESCLUSIVA ǀ Scuole di specializzazione in medicina: «Ecco il perché delle bocciature»

Intervista a Roberto Vettor, Presidente dell’Osservatorio Nazionale Formazione Medica Specialistica

ESCLUSIVA | Oliveti, Enpam: la grande sfida della Sanità italiana, diventare motore di sviluppo e ripresa

Cumulo contributivo, c’è la copertura finanziaria. Ma attendiamo esplicazione del Governo. Numero chiuso, università, sviluppo e ripresa, cure territoriali, welfare e patto generazionale: tutto q...

Test medicina: proteste davanti atenei. Ben 124 i posti in meno rispetto al 2016, arriva interrogazione parlamentare

Anche quest’anno al via i test d’ingresso per le facoltà a numero chiuso. Ad aprire le danze Medicina e odontoiatria con 67mila domande d’iscrizione e 124 posti in meno rispetto al 2016. Intant...