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When the CPD is not independent


The alarm was launched in France, but it might concerns all doctors around the world. A part of the 10,000 doctors of the Paris hospitals of Public Assistance ( AP – HP ) , is in a “dangerous situation “facing the conflict of interests between the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry, according to research conducted by the institution itself. To avoid that professionals are placed, “willy-nilly” in such situations, this practice must be changed. The activities in the viewfinder would be the pharmaceutical information, conferences, funds for clinical trials. The report denounces those behaviors that, in particular, would be an obstacle to the main mission of the hospital, that is:”to contribute to the progress of medicine, to its diffusion and large-scale availability”. “A university hospital center (CHU) has a threefold mission : care , teaching and research , “we can still read. Each is a potential target for conflicts of interest . The report’s proposals emphasize three general points. The accumulation of assets should be more strictly regulated. The report states that the time commitment , compensation and the nature of the services provided must be compatible with the operating hospital and with the interests of the AP – HP. In particular, these external activities must receive permission from the university, which will define their nature.

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