Sanità internazionale 19 ottobre 2015

International healthcare

How much does a stressed doctor cost?

Apparently, the amount of distress suffered by physicians has no limits: it is not related to geography, nor to age factors. According to a research published by Student BMJ, one British junior doctor out of seven considered suicide. The causes? Pressure on workplace and sense of anxiety related to embarking on a career often scattered with uncertainties. The same difficulties are shared with their French colleagues. As a matter of fact, former socialist Minister, Benoît Hamon, submitted a reform to acknowledge the psychological and physical breakdown (also called burnout) as an occupational disease. According to a research by the European Heart Journal and published on The Observer, tackling this issue would entail a 20 billion dollar expense each year for the EU. Meanwhile, Italian physicians are in hot waters too. A recent study showed that the number of white coats suffering from cardiovascular and metabolic pathologies, sleep and psychological disorders is ever increasing due to exhausting working shifts.


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